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Why We Are Different

We Understand Owning A Business

Unlike many insurance agents, we have owned and ran our own insurance business that had agency locations in Frisco Texas, Lawton Oklahoma, Norman and Oklahoma City.  We understand challenges with employees, reporting, as well as the time it takes to administer benefits to your employees.  That is why we structure our processes to fit your needs and the needs of your employees.

We have done our own payroll, hiring and firing.  We have shipped wheels, tire and auto accessories across North America and to the US Virgin Islands.  For years we insured businesses from Nevada to Florida from large trucking and tow truck operations, heat and air fleets, commercial land and building owners in Japan, you name it.  Having written over 25,000 auto insurance policies and over 1,000 business owners insurance policies really separates us from most other insurance agents.  We have done our own social media, websites and marketing so we truly understand many of your challenges as business owners.  Let us be a resource for you and your business.

Bernie Portal

We can offer access to our Bernie Portal for our medium and up sized groups over 20+ employees which is a huge benefit to people that purchase their group medical and supplement insurance through us.  You can use this platform to help with your payroll functions, onboarding process, compliance, human resources questions.  At a time when compliance is going to be a key part of your business, you need this and need it now.  Needs such as PTO tracking and time and attendance are functions that you can purchase at a very reasonable rate.

With access to Zywave through us, you can have information and access to a wealth of information and tools ranging from compliance overview, benefit administration, human resources information, training and newletters.

Electronic Enrollments

This is something that the industry has been trying to implement but insurance is a different animal.  Still, we are offering more and more electronic enrollment options that allows your employees to enroll easily and without missing time at work.  Although enrollment rates are much higher and each coverage more easily explained with a one on one setting with employees, we can offer electronic enrollment options especially for larger accounts.