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Employee Benefit Specialists

Employee Benefit Specialists Steven Goss and Karen Goss.  Providing employee benefits, also called voluntary benefits, to employers with 5 to 5000 employees in Texas and Oklahoma.

Employee Benefits By Steven Goss and Karen Goss

Employee Benefits, also called Voluntary Benefits in the workplace, are something every employer in Texas and Oklahoma should be focused on providing to their employees.  Steven Goss and Karen Goss, a husband and wife team that founded Stonebriar Insurance Group in Frisco Texas, One Stop Insurance Agency of Texas (now part of Champion Commercial Insurance Agency of Dallas Texas) and Steven Goss Insurance Agency, know a lot about insurance.  More importantly, we know a lot about owning and running businesses. We can help most any employer from 5 to 5000 employees.

As agents working with Starnes-Osburn & Associates, we can help you with many employee benefit offerings such as Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Life, Hospital Indemnity, Supplemental Health, Disability, Heart / Stroke and Dental / Vision Coverage.  We also can place your group medical insurance if you have 20 eligible employees or more.

Starnes-Osburn & Associates is a large, Texas based Employee Benefits firm, specializing in Voluntary Benefits in the workplace. We have locations and experienced Benefit Advisors throughout Texas and neighboring states. With multiple carriers and enrollment systems we are uniquely equipped to provide benefit products and services to companies of any size. We develop strong relationships with Health Brokers, PEO’s, TPA’s and others to help position, enroll and service voluntary benefits for their clients. Our back office supports all billing, claims and re-enrollment functions.


Group Medical Insurance

For employers with 20 or more eligible employees, we can quote and install group medical insurance with large name national health insurance companies in addition to providing all your supplemental insurance needs.

The benefit most often desired is major medical coverage. Due to the cost of coverage many employers look at saving money here first. Steven Goss and Karen Goss knows this and can quote major medical coverage for any size company with several different medical insurance providers to help in making the best decision to fit their budget and the needs of their employees.

To better fit their need and to make medical coverage more affordable many employers have to change coverage by raising the deductible, increasing co-pays, altering prescription plans, and finally beginning to share a greater amount of the cost with the employee. Steven Goss and Karen Goss helps employers to navigate through these problems.

Supplemental Insurance Products

Critical Illness

Heart Attack, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant are some of the major health events that can happen without warning.  Luckily you and your employees can receive needed cash quickly to cover out of pocket expenses associated with these types of illnesses.  We place critical illness coverage through the No. 1 insurance company according to LIMRA 2014’s ratings.


Our group voluntary accident plan can cover on and off the job for such things as accidental death or dismemberment, dislocation or fractures, hospital confinement and even outpatient physician’s treatment costs.  If you have to ride in an ambulance, we can give you cash for that.  If you are admitted to the hospital, you get even more money.  If you are placed in intensive care, you get even more money.  Remember, this money goes straight to you, not the hospital or doctor.  Again, we insure through LIMRA’s 2014 number ONE Group Accident Plan.


Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be one of life’s more frightening events.  Sadly, statistics show you will probably know someone who has been in this situation.  Fortunately, early detection, improved treatments and access to care can help tilt the odds of survival in your favor.  How this coverage works is benefits are paid directly to you or your dependents.  From your initial diagnosis, to treatments or surgery to outpatient lodging, our plans help put cash quickly into your pockets to help with bills that keep coming in that need paid, for expenses your family may incur to accompany you for treatments.  Yes, again through LIMRA’s 2014 #1 Group Cancer Plan.

Life Insurance

We offer various life products such as term life insurance as well as Universal LIfe.


Pays monthly cash benefits for a covered sickness or off the job injuries that leaves the insured totally or partially disabled.


Pays a benefit for heart attack, stroke or heart disease that can be used for non-medical expenses that major medical insurance does not cover.

Dental / Vision

Dental and vision exams plan an important role in a person’s overall wellness and are often the first line of detection of serious health concerns.